R O C K E T Blank P O P L A R
Hybrid Poplar Windbreak Tree

Rocket Poplar

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Rocket Poplar Hybrid Windbreak

The Rocket Hybrid Poplar is the most beautiful of my fast growing hybrid poplars, with white leaf undersides, and a very good columnar form, that can be great for privacy screens and windbreaks. When these fast growing trees are used for a windbreak or screening, it can be planted the same distance apart as my Bigfoot Hybrid Willow trees, 3 feet apart.

The Rocket Hybrid Poplar would not be as good for a fast growing shade tree as the Bigfoot Willow Hybrid, because this fast growing tree is narrower. When young, it will be very narrow, and slowly spread out some in maturity. At maturity, this hybrid poplar should grow nearly 70' tall, but the spread will be nearly one-third that!

The Rocket Hybrid Poplar tree's lifespan should be 40+ years, like the Bigfoot Hybrid Willow. When established, the Rocket Poplar has great drought tolerance and faster growth in dry soils compared to a lot of other trees. The leaves of this fast growing tree are similar in shape to the Silver Maple, and when the wind blows, the white undersides are easily seen, creating a stunning visual in the landscape.

Be one of the few Americans that have an opportunity to grow this majestic, rare poplar hybrid!

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