R O C K E T Blank P O P L A R
Hybrid Poplar Windbreak Tree

Propagating the Rocket Poplar Hybrid

The Rocket Poplar is one of the many hybrid poplar clones in existence. These hybrid trees are propagated via woody material rather than seed, so that all the trees grown are superior to common seed stock that is grown out.

To propagate the Rocket Poplar Hybrid, a branch needs to be cut off and placed in moist soil. These fast growing trees root and leaf out in spring, and quickly attain growth during the summer. It is best to propagate large branches versus small branches because the small branches can be snuffed out fast if forgotten about.

Currently I am offering large cuttings that have high success rates.

If you do not have experience rooting branches, you can use rooting hormone to help your cuttings root faster, but these hybrid poplar trees can root without rooting hormone. Give them tender loving care.

Most frequently the Rocket Hybrid Poplar cuttings are planted in rows for fast privacy screening and windbreaks. Thus the care for the cuttings can be better since they are in close proximity of each other. Weed control and watering will be easy for the homeowner to control and get the results that they want.

Poplar Hybrid Windbreak